Laser correction over the age of 45

At around age of 45 near vision almost is seriously affected with most of the people. The reason does not lie in a visual defect, but in a completely natural process associated with age, the so-called presbyopia (or age farsightedness). In this process the lens of the eye loses its elasticity. Therefore, it is difficult to focus at different distances. The result is blurred vision, especially at close distances

With high precision, reliability and safety the excimer laser in the Burgas Eye Hospital can shape your cornea and restore the near vision. If necessary other visual defects such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism can also be corrected simultaneously with the presbyopia.

One of the most effective methods is called monovision - the excimer laser shares all the eye work between the two eyes: one eye is remodelled for distance vision and the other for near vision.

With presbyopia the final improvement in vision occurs more slowly, after a few weeks. Depending on the person's condition, sometimes in low light you will possibly need glasses to read or see well at a distance.

Sometimes the assessment may show that you are better suited for another refractive procedure - for example intraocular lens implantation. Our experience covers a wide range of refractive procedures and together with you we will choose the best for your vision.