Schwind Amaris excimer laser is a leader in the laser refractive surgery at the moment. It is amongst the latest developments in the field, its advanced parameters are the result of many years of scientific work and numerous studies.

The Schwind Amaris Laser

Since safety is our top priority, we chose the laser able to provide an unprecedented level of safety:

- The very high operational speed allows the eye surgeon to complete the procedure in an extremely short period of time;

- Corneal tissue is preserved and an exceptionally smooth surface is achieved;

- While with most lasers the emphasis is on the speed of work, with Schwind Amaris emphasis is placed on safety, as well. The ultra-precise system actively compensates the slightest movements of the eye, thereby the positioning of the next laser pulse is corrected in a flash and adjusted for the greatest possible safety and precision of treatment.

The Eyetracking system compensates in a flash the movements of the eye


The work speed is very high. It is regulated by the so-called Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment (AFLA), which provides an optimum smoothing of the cornea. 80% of the process is performed at a high speed, but for fine modelling of the cornea ALFA automatically switches to a lower speed. With this system and in combination with the extremely small diameter of the laser beam (only 0,54 mm - the finest in the world), the laser achieves remarkable results.

During the correction the laser beam heats the surface of the eye. Through a specially designed temperature control technology (Intelligent Thermal Effect Control - ITEC) the laser prevents damage to adjacent corneal tissue, even at the highest operating speed.

The combination of AFLA and ITEC play a particularly important role for the rapid and reliable recovery of the cornea.

Your safety is ensured also by the incredible Eye Tracking System - one of the most important advantages of our laser. Even in a state of full concentration, eyes perform involuntary movements. They cannot be suppressed, even when the patient looks at the green light. Eye movements are carried out by an average of 90 micrometres in a millisecond in different directions. Therefore the exact centring and constant positioning of the eye is vital for the accuracy and safety of the procedure. With the tracking system of the excimer laser in the Burgas Eye Hospital all movements that the eye can make are taken into account and compensated 1050 times per second. No other laser in the world is capable to perform Eye Tracking with a greater speed than this. I.e. if the eye is diverted, the laser beam is diverted at a lightning speed, as well;

All these advantages of the excimer laser in the Burgas Eye Hospital ensure reliable and accurate results. Our patients feel safer and more comfortable during their treatment.