Why choose Laser Centre at the Burgas Eye Hospital

Doctors of the doctors

Many medical professionals trusted Burgas Eye Hospital for their own treatment and the treatment of their closest people. They know why they choose our clinic.

Ultra-Precise evaluation of the candidate

The assessment of whether you are a suitable candidate for laser correction is ultra-precise. If we say ‘Yes’ it means that you are an excellent candidate.

A wide range of procedures

Not everyone is suitable for laser treatment of vision. The examination may show that you are better suited for another refractive procedure - for example intraocular lens implantation. Our experience covers a wide range of refractive procedures and together we will choose the best for your vision.

Advanced technology

We invest in the most advanced technology possible. The apparatus used to perform the laser corrections is the leader in laser surgery – the German Schwind Amaris. In addition, it integrates the latest modules to ensure even greater safety and precision of work.


We do our best to make you feel at home from the first visit to the Burgas Eye Hospital Laser Centre. Well-trained, dedicated and benevolent, our professionals will take care of your ease and convenience. For us, every patient is VIP.

No extra charges

The cost of the laser correction is all you pay. Furthermore, the control examinations within the first six months are free of charge. Some patients, despite the successful correction, need to repeat the procedure. You will not owe anything if in this period a further correction is needed.

We believe in and are proud of what we do

We are confident in what we do and in the end results of our work, so we ourselves and our closest people are among the patients.


Although the price is probably not the leading factor in the fulfilment of your dream, it is still important. We offer high quality services at prices you can afford.