Am I eligible for laser correction?

When you fill this test we will be able to make an initial assessment of whether you are a suitable candidate for laser vision correction. Of course, this questionnaire does not replace the medical examination, but your answers will help us to specify your individual needs.
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Laser correction Step-by-Step

Your search for information in our website means that the path to your vision without barriers has already begun. What to Expect step-by-step to the realisation of your dream if you choose laser vision correction in the Burgas Eye Hospital?
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Laser correction over the age of 45

Find out what happens to your eyes after reaching adulthood in this case more than 45 years. Possible problems that may arise. Do I need a vision correction? The benefits of this to see the world clearly in your eyes regardless of your age.
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Find advance answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the procedures for vision correction, we perform in our Eye Hospital, „Burgas“.
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