Laser vision correction is financially more advantageous compared to glasses and contact lenses. The one-time investment that you make will not just change your life, but will also save you money in the long run.

Glasses / contact lenses
Laser vision correction
- - visits to the doctor for eventual dioptre adjustment - single laser procedure
- you will probably need new glasses every few years
- purchase of contact lenses every few months
- solutions
- time-consuming
- the very insertion and removal of the contact lenses takes a few minutes a day
– that means that dozens of hours per year are lost.
Type of laser procedure
Price (one eye)
SmartSurfACE /LASEK/PTK 1180 lv
LASIK (SmartPulse technology included) 1180 lv.
Custom Wavefront SmartSurfACE /LASIK (SmartPulse technology included) 1550 lv.