LASIK is the most commonly used procedure for laser vision correction. LASIK method consists of 4 main steps:

In many cases LASIK not only restores vision to the state it was with glasses and contact lenses, but in most cases the result is even better vision than before.


A corneal flap is formed which is gently folded back


Remodelling of the cornea with the leader in the laser surgery - Schwind Amaris excimer laser


The flap is moved back to place


Epithelium strengthens

Advantages of LASIK:
very quick corneal restoration
faster stabilisation of refraction
reaching the maximum visual acuity within 24 hours на 24 часа
lack of or minimal postoperative pain and discomfort

After the procedure:

Do not drive. You will receive special glasses that you shall wear one day. Use of eye drops from the next day for a month or more, depending on the doctor's instructions, is necessary. We will ask to see you the next day after the procedure. Checkups are: on the 1st day, on the 10th day, on the 1st month, on the 2nd month, on the 3rd month and once a year.